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 Melbourne - Sepang Test/Race Reports

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PostSubject: Re: Melbourne - Sepang Test/Race Reports   Mon May 30, 2011 7:46 am

Ferrari no1 Race report Sepang.

Quali - I dont really focus on quali that much, as i know it is race thats more important, so aslong as its quick enough to stay with top guys im ok,

so getting p2 was awesome.

Race - At first we didnt know if SC was gonna make it in, so i put enough fuel in to race without sc, but then he enterd 1min before race. so i changed fuel for atleast 2 sc.

Start was awesome, got a good launch and past alex into turn 1. round that lap the sc dissconected, NOOOO now i had to push for a big gap, to save fuel later in race.
Which i did, 1st laps upto 1st stos were great, pulled out big lead.

then 2nd and 3rd stints i saved as much fuel as i could. by the time i got to 4th stint i saved enough fuel to push again. and some left over.

anyway, was a controled race, no dramas, if sc stayed it we could of had it twice and mixed it up a bit,

1st win of season, doesnt look like pole is a good place to be atm lol, as both pole sitters so far havent won.

Well done to every1 that finished, and top 3.

onto china, another 1 of my favs, will be pushing hard
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PostSubject: Re: Melbourne - Sepang Test/Race Reports   Mon May 30, 2011 7:59 am

down at mclaren the team was happy with both cars in points
great for alex to get 2nd
my report

had a cautios starts lost a few places
cunnie and jimmi both had spins retook them had a great battle with andy we did touch he got me then cunnies engine went unfortunate as we would have battled all race i think
i then pitted used the under cut retook him
got matt in red bull in the undercut and arjan started savin fuel
arjan retook me in pits was p7 held on to that with low boost watchin brake temps
crossed the line to get 7th
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PostSubject: Re: Melbourne - Sepang Test/Race Reports   Mon May 30, 2011 8:50 am

Team Lotus Race Report - Dan Lovett

Quali - was a lot faster than i thought and was just half a second off alex in q3 so was happy with 3rd.

Race - Got a steady start and fell in behind Alex and Dave, for the whole first stint me and alex were no more than a second off each other and i caught him at the end of the stint before he pitted, decided to pit a lap later and we came out pretty much wheel to wheel into T1, the second stint was the same as the first lol this time alex pulled out 2 seconds on me and just before he pitted i closed the gap again so again i pitted next lap and we came out wheel to wheel again, had a tough third stint and alex pulled 4-5 seconds in the first few laps of stint by the time he pitted he was 8 seconds ahead, i decided to stay out to eek out a few laps so i could run softs in the final stint, didnt pay off as alex caught me out in the undercut and pulled out to around 11 seconds or so. When we pitted for final time i stayed out longer and put the softs on for the final 10 laps, Alex was 14 seconds up the road so pushed like mad to catch up setting a FL (which Dave just pipped me too Sad) on the way, managed to finish just a few seconds off alex who was limping home lol!

Happy with my pace and hope to continue it at china! Well done to Dave for the win and to Alex for a good clean fight even tho we had a few hairy moments and to all that finished..

Onto China!
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PostSubject: Re: Melbourne - Sepang Test/Race Reports   

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Melbourne - Sepang Test/Race Reports
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