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 End of Season Reports

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PostSubject: End of Season Reports   Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:10 am

End of Season Report

Well guys its the end of the season, and we have had some really close racing. Unfortunately for PC issues for me i didn't finish hardly any races, atm i can't afford to buy a new one but I'm working on it, ANYWAY

I know we've had some ups and downs, but i think this season has been one of the best, and next season will be even better

I would like to thank everyone whos helped out and donated to the server this season, without you lot the league wouldn't be running!

Post end of season reports if you wish, what was your best race etc what just what you remember

My best was monza, i know there wasn't many, but i really felt pace there, and having great battles throughout the year even though i probs had the most dnfs all season

Anyway thanks for the good racing and people who stuck out with us untill the last race! and heres to another great season!

Cheers guys,
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PostSubject: Re: End of Season Reports   Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:23 am

Yeah its been a great season for me. After my illness i was buzzing to get back in the car and although not scoring points until my switch to HRT. Really enjoyed my time at Race Control. I've had to dodgy moments but on the whole a great experience.

Thanks Guys!!!

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PostSubject: Re: End of Season Reports   Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:32 am

well lost my motivation abit after barcalona. But if i need to looke overall over the season im pretty hapyy with it Smile. i feel prettty sorry for Florian that i missed the most of the races for williams, but an lack of motivation isnt helping when ya racing 60 laps.
Well im looking forward to the new season Smile.
Matt and the staf did an great job on this season Smile. the league is in good hands Very Happy, and the next season will even be better
Cheers lads !!!!
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PostSubject: Re: End of Season Reports   Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:35 am

Bad season, missed a load of races obviously, but got 2 wins which exceeded my target.
Got 3 poles aswell, without Dave next season I'm hopeful of mounting a title challenge but Florian is very quick and will be hard to beat, although today I had the edge on him.
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PostSubject: Re: End of Season Reports   Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:54 am

I cant fault much tbh, im looking posative on the season, and what has been a very good one for myself,
i had 3 bad races,

oz - leading the race and had contact with my team m8,

monaco - leading and net went

canada - leading when breaks went.

apart from that i think ive had a solid season, and challenged for each win,
my fav will allways be spa, just cuz i love the track,
the closest is defo brazil.

gotta thank matt / dan for what they have done, and what they are still doing for next season,
and all you guys that raced and stuck with the league, we have had some amazing races,

best league / season ever, heres to next season
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PostSubject: Re: End of Season Reports   Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:56 pm

Well what should i say at end of Season

Started with Corry and i felt like we could have done very very well here but only 1 race with him then i was doin 2 or 3 races alone.

Then got Matthew Gyorgy and he was a great rookie and did very well till he decided to leave cause of the mechanical failures beging put off.

Then got Arjan but he didnt turn up a lot and when he most crashed (nothing against ya m8) but ended good in brazil.

My own Pace trough the year was ok and i nearly finished every race wich i think is a great achivement.

i Won 1 Race and had 2 Poles (Im really proud on Korea) and finished a good 2nd.

With more competition like corry,harv,jay and some others it could have been so much closer but dont matter now as its over.

My Best Race was Suzuka as it was my only victory but i felt like i had pace for more victories like in Brazil or Hungary.

My worst performance was definatly India where i crashed early.

As Dave said this is the BEST LEAGUE and this was one of the best seasons we had and cant wait to start nxt one but the break is needed for all so

cya all nxt season
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PostSubject: Re: End of Season Reports   Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:52 am

Virgin end of season report.

Had an up and down season but still really enjoyed it. The drivers in the league are in large very very fair and standard is extremely high, that’s why its so addictive because of the drivers love of really good racing.

Found a bit of pace in season 7 for the first time, managed 2 podiums. A lot of thanks goes to charitable setup sharing from Mr. Morgan, Harv, Alonso, Loz, Cosie and others. Even Dave helped me this season LOL.

Really great racing with my brother, Loz. Just like the old days in karting almost. I think we will both be on here till we are 60…….. which isn’t long in Loz’s case. Loz is really technically minded and has really helped me understand F1 car set so hoping to apply this in season 8.

Well done to Dave on the Championship win. He sets the bar very high with his class of driving and consistency but very well done to Alonso for keeping Dave honest all season.

Thanks to admins for there effort making the league interesting with the engine rule this season and the new bits for next. Cant be easy sometimes but you should be proud of what you are doing here. Looking forward to doing as many races as I can next season without incident.
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PostSubject: Re: End of Season Reports   Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:16 am

Decent season for the most part. I only made 12 of the 19 races and lagged out in one of those.

Started with HRT; moved to Mclaren for a race with Dan (what a partnership! We both had our own crashes within a lap of each other). Finally, been with Cosie since Canada; he's helped alot with setups. I won on my debut for the team (like in mercedes as well actually; both were lucky victories though since many people had brake failures).

Best race: don't remember any stand out races for me. Probably beating Florian around Singapore, though I cannot remember how. Brazil was a great race with lots of fighting and battling before it was cut short.

Worst race: Suzuka. No testing before race and made alot of errors. No pace.

Good to see some new faces (Gary), those who have improved (Jimi) and old timers finding more pace (Rib and the Lovett had good form as well).

Well done to admin and media crew for sterling work. These guys put so many hours in, so just wanna say thanks.

Hope to make it to races more consistently next season. Have a good break dudes.

O yeah, great job, effort and sacrifice by Max. Probably one of the worst jobs to have to be honest, but good job dude.

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PostSubject: Re: End of Season Reports   Tue Oct 11, 2011 3:14 am

My first year in the league and i feel that the good times won the bad times i had during the championship.

Although the season started bad for me as the wcp mod didnt fit to me much well so i was a little disappointed after the connections problems i had too.
I'll not stay to the bad moments. I left twice but i'm here to fight.

I run a few races but the experience was huge. So, thanks to all the participants cause almost all of them gave to me something to understand about themselves and the league.

I run 10/19 races with 2x 5th, 2x 6th, 1x 8th, and 5x DNF

My best race was at Singapore. I enjoyed it very much as the Abu Dahbi too.
My worst race : China. Wrong setup with low fuel and i dnf 18 laps before the end. I release it at 10th lap but i was still running to the end. A little macabre but it happened.

My favorite track is Nurburgring and i'm very happy to see it at the next season's calendar and after the Christmas break!!!

Finally the congratulations goes to the admins for the organization of the league cause all know very well what it needs to do it.
A great congrats to Lee for the highlights videos. Too much work from him for us!
Also a great congrats to Max for his tremendous SC driving style!
And a big RESPECT to Dave Fidock. Very big driver. Be well mate!

Hope to take part at all the races next season, so until then good relax to everyone.
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PostSubject: Re: End of Season Reports   Tue Oct 11, 2011 3:31 am


well wot a season we all had as everyone mentioned good and bad times but thats to be expected in anyleague so 1 of them things

Big congratulations to dave for winning another tittle boooooo lol and to flo morgy and alex for keepin him honest and making a good fight for honours,
But apart from them its to the slower guys i wanna give the biggest shout out to, we do this every week cause we love it not cause we are the fastest but the disere to race and enjoy your selfs
you should all be proud of what youve done ,

great to see dan rib come on so well hes faster than me now by loads pfft lol

Nick got his 1st win for ferrari which was geat for him

nice to see jimmi come back and do so well at the end well done m8

and to the crazy canadian gary your a great laugh great your apart of the league cant be easy graspin our english and what we go onabout but your learning he he

for me my season was ok best race where i had pure pace was hungary so that remains my fav moment this season

and to matt and dan you to are legends matt puts in a hell of alot to make this what it is
so thatnk you guys

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PostSubject: Re: End of Season Reports   Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:17 am

i wont say much but this season underperformed massivly i had the car in so many races tio fight for top 4 and messed up big time since monaco i new it would be the turning point i had fast car as iv showed in silverstone etc velncia but made mistakes iv done okk since i started didnt have the motivatian since s1/2 really i no for afact i should have done much more because i belive in myself and i no what i can do when i have the car but just didnt have self belife in setting it up bk in s1 i could do it easily but this season has to go down as the worst i have evry done could have very easily been the best but massivly massivly a let down let myself down the team down but more then anything matt down i dont feel like i have the right frame off mind atm to race i no it sounds stupid but i have other things atm to worry about but i will continue to say in the redbull team as technical directer and hope with my descions we can win both titles wicth will eb hard but now with alex in the team i have the belief we can move forward and if matt strings things togetaher to i can only hope

gla cya next seaon
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Gary Madew

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PostSubject: Re: End of Season Reports   Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:32 pm

I first want to thank you guys for lettin the Canucker race with you guys here at OGL.

For my first season back(at least 5 years) and with only a handfull of starts for 2011 I think Im ready for next season. I got a good feel for the drivers and who does what and where here. Even though I didnt reach the podium this year next year we will be comepeting in every race. No more Mr Nice Guy!

With the fresh new contract signed for Ferrari for 2012 we can focus on driving and let the engineers do their things . . . engineer. Should be fun with Florian as a teamate.

Like any other season you have your high points and low points I hit a couple of Lows but felt the last race at Brazil was my most competative to date. We for sure had a top 5 with the last restart but as it turned out I retired because of contact(not my fault). Oh well!

Next time I pull out in a car it will be a shiiny RED one! Looking forward to winter 2011 peeps.

See ya on the track!
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PostSubject: Re: End of Season Reports   

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End of Season Reports
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