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 Man or machine

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PostSubject: Man or machine   Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:17 am

D fidock once again dominated the abu dhabi gp but started the race from the back , yes the back another masterclass in racing in his penalutimate race for ferrari.

Alonso the haier to ferrari throne managed 2nd even with a few battles with a cooper whos driving was a bit questionable ?

D ribbans had yet another sollid race how this guy has improved no one knows but surley the driver of the season

As day fell to night the dust settled the lights came on we whitnessed a good race not many suprises unless u count the qualifying scuffle betweeen morgan and nomikos,

The sync problems that cost d lovett and m leonowicz

the race was good but frustrating for some allthough jimmi karras did a supeb job in the torro rosso

untill sunday where we say goodby to dave at brazil and he takes up a new role in the ogl league

see u at sau paulo
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PostSubject: Re: Man or machine   Sun Oct 09, 2011 12:02 pm

so its the finnal race of the season in brazil today and theres a few bits of news for the league

1st of is the sad news of alex pc mildred finnaly refusing to boot up, some reports say he attepted to revive it with a beefberg but to no avail
he will be waiting for the Aa recovery service for a tow to a local pc repair shop,

in other news F Geir plesently suprised the grid with the retro rothmans renault skin and my it looks beutifall
A fitting fair well to his last race with willims before goin to ferrari

As for ferrari both d fidock and n demetris were seen out partying lets hope they dont get to carried away

dan lovets not been at trackside due to having to rest his toe yet again were told he will be fine for the race ,

in other news drivers are demanding an end of season awards cerimony so its up to u drivers to get the admins appoval

untill next time

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Man or machine
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