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 Someone sending out league mod / info

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PostSubject: Someone sending out league mod / info   Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:43 am

Myself and matt are getting a bid anoyed now, as there is someone sending out the -

- mod
- symsync info
- passwords
- server info

These people have also been testing on the server in the wrong cars, and without even being a member of the league / forum.
Let me just remind you all of the rule

-Mod is private, any driver caught sending non league drivers the OGL mod will be removed from the league / forum

This is being takun seriously, if you have mates that want to join the league then fine, but they must 1st

- join forum
- request entry to f1 section
- then request info for mod / server / sym sync from myself or matt.

then they will be permited to go onto server,

whoever has done this talk to me or matt asap in private.
As for the rest of you DO NOT give out the league info if you are caught you WILL be removed from the league.
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Someone sending out league mod / info
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