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 Tips for OGL Mod

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PostSubject: Tips for OGL Mod   Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:12 am

Well after 7 races weve noticed a few people getting frustrated with reliability, let me assure you guys that this is not the mod, and more down to driving style, and what you use. ie - break duck and rad.

im gunno try my best to help you guys out, so try stay with me,

1 - engine,

Now many things can help the engine go,

a - to fast on downshift.
b - to late on upshift
c - to low on radiator
d - Ratio [known as beval on rfactor]

A = To fast on downshift,
Changing to fast on downshift can effect your engine the most during a GP. When you change down 1 gear, and make the engine scream a little at high revs this make ware, ive looked at replays of canada, and noticed that a lot of you were changing down as soon as you break, leaving the engine to do a lot of the slowing down,
You need to break, leave the gears for about half a second, then start changing down, and not fast, try to work out a rythem, and look after the gearbox / engine,

B =To late on upshift.
Leaving the gears scream at high revs when changing up, doesnt just effect engine, it kills your gear box, which goes very quick if you dont treat it right, change erlyer, dont let your engine stress out,

C = To low on Rad
So the radiator is another, and is differant for every track, as some tracks are fast and the air keeps the engine cool, = low rad.
and others like monaco are slow, and have little air flow, and need high rad,
People need to test long stints, and try to keep the temps low and stable,

D = Ratio
So the gearbox levels or bevel in rfactor, is a part also, you have 3 levels of ratio, for diff types of track,
1 - monaco spec gears, 2 - tracks like nurb / sepang / china / spa etc 3 - monaza / canada

getting the right ratio is important,, yes you can get level 1 working on a track like canada, but the will also mean you are changing down the gearbox faster, and wareing out the engine quicker,

2 - Brakes

A - duct size
B - Pad size
C - Tips

A - Duct size
A massive factor when going into the race. just like the raadiator, having the wrong duct on the wrong track will end your race for sure.
Loads of drivers breaks went in canada, mainly down to duct, i admit mine was on duct 3, so was obvo gonna go, when they should have been on 5,
so again like australia, you can run duct 3. monza is tricky as we have long straights to keep them cool, but very heavey breking zones.
So look at the turns and the speeds you get to before heading out on track,

B - Pads.
Break pad size again important, heavey breaking tracks you need thick pads, 3.0 canada / monza etc.. where as monaco / sepang / china you could run 2.8. do a race stint with race fuel,, if your temps go above 1100 degres, then they will not last, you need to keep them cool as poss.

C - Tips

Ok so looking back at replays, you can see a lot of drivers and useing throttle and breaks together ner apex of turns,
Do not do this, not only does this effect engine ware. it also runs breaks hotter and ware faster.
those of you that do karting will know this,
use 1 at a time throttle or break.

SC -

when doing a lot of laps like we did in canada, then all of sudden we get SC. this effects the cycle of breaks, and effect ware rate.
The breaks are running at perfect temps, then to all of sudden go cold, behind sc, then back to very hot agin after the sc. makes the pads ware so quick, So when follwing sc, try to keep temps into the breaks
Again those of you that race karts will know.

Testing. -

This is important, loads of people do not test enough to last race, and i dont mean the amount of laps. i mean stints.
Dont just do a stint and pit, at least try to get half race distance. and see where your engine and breaks are at that point.
those of you that can get in more laps, do a race sim.. it really really helps trust me,

canada is the only race sim i havent done in 4 seasons, and it effected me,

so keep engine / breaks cool as poss. use the right ratios and test.

Damage -

Getting damage on your wheels / suspention basicly means race over, as you seen in real f1 break ducts arnt that big. so getting a tap on them will crush them and no air will get in to cool them down.

Also the same for your rear wing / sidepods, getting damage on this does effect your engine. and ware. sidepods will stop engine cooling down, rear wing will jst hurt your engine.

Now i know these sometimes arnt your fault, the way some people drive during a race is shocking. and they dont realise itll efeect other.
take arjans move on dan last night, was a silly move, and although dan carried on, it damaged his break ducts, and rear wing. and retired when he was on for the win.

This is why we try to encurage people to test, and a bigger clamp down on stupid driving will be applied from now.

I hope this helps prob not, but i am just reasuring people that there is no problem with the mod. last season with rft it was the mod, and was shocking, but this season its very realistic, and needs working and testing before jumping into a race,

Look at real f1 lads. you dont see them doing all this, so please work at your race, dont just turn up. and expected to finish.

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PostSubject: Re: Tips for OGL Mod   Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:19 am

Lee has allready come to me saying, hi break duct was 5 and pads 3.2

But he also lost his front wheels twice. and had a few crashes. the damage you have effects you in the long run.

most of the guys that had break failure, had a incident in race.
plaese read fully before going on.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for OGL Mod   Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:22 am

Want to practice pitstops during practice?

We all know if you pit it takes your fuel out, but there is a way round this,

in your main rFactor folder, go to UserData\Matt Leonowicz (YOUR NAME)

Then click on your Plr, mines called Matt Leonowicz.PLR.

hit CTRL + F and search Relative Fuel Strategy

you should find it has a 0 next to it, change it to 1, this will stop all fuel being taken out in all sessions.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for OGL Mod   Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:26 am

maybe bit silly tip but what helps me finding the best gear ratio is watching onboard vids of f1 dont matter wich season but for example this year you can see at wich speed they cange gears so you can write it down and then try the ratios on track and check each gear.

Another thing is that on f1.com there is often something like a setup guide for most tracks in the feature part of the site. with a lot of tips for each track like suspension settings,wings (low,high,med) and some other things you should look at.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for OGL Mod   Wed Jul 13, 2011 6:48 am

yep, had brake failure and wondered why, I did have light damage to rear and front right, front right brake failed so makes sense as Canada is harsh on brakes. doing well a comfortable 8th but retired on lap 37 so will be watching damage very carefully from now on.
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for OGL Mod   Thu Jul 21, 2011 2:52 am

really helpfull.thanks
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PostSubject: Re: Tips for OGL Mod   

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Tips for OGL Mod
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