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 Broadcast Coming Soon

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FRO| Mark Bos

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PostSubject: Broadcast Coming Soon   Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:38 am

Hi Guy's

My name is Mark Bos, from formularacing.org.

I'm here to help get OGL F1 with a live broadcast and maybe, post race highlights video's. I had hoped to have got it up and running earlier in the season after chatting with David. However, we had some lightning into the telephone lines took out all my PC's and hardware on the network. Just about up and running now and signing in to say we will get this live broadcast, with commentary up and running very soon.

I'm hoping I can recruit a couple of members to help out with the broadcasts, either helping with cam's, commentary or whatever if you feel you would like to help improve the show, then let me know! I'm not so hot on video production, so if any of you help in that regard say so and lets go to work.

Now, I'm hoping to bring a friend into help out, another member of the FRO team as I have some little problem maybe for this Sunday, as FRO are competing for the ERL (Endurance Racing League) Overall and P1 title as we go into the last round of the season at Le Man's for the 12hr race. http://ilms-erl.com/forum/index.php a league we have led all year to this last event as we disconected from the last race and dropped the lead. Its a important event for us. Additionally, I have a few network issues still so i may not be driving, but also not 100% sure I can be online for the broadcast this week. As soon as these things are out the way/fixed I'll be here for the rest of the season to do commentary and broadcast.

Good to meet ya all.
Best, Mark
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PostSubject: Re: Broadcast Coming Soon   Sat Jun 04, 2011 11:06 pm

I am interested, i have sent a private message
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Broadcast Coming Soon
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